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Amenity Accessibility makes living better.

Allowing all occupant uses in buildings opens the community to amenities that have yet to be imagined. Making more Amenities Accessible is possible with new technologies for flexible building and innovative space management tools. All spaces are open to small or large amenities, to serve the young and old, to occupants that inspire or provide practical goods, spaces are even open to regulatory administration and laboratories for innovations.


Amenity Accessibility makes living more enjoyable in two ways. Through pedestrian face-to-face interactions people gain the opportunity to freely participate in a wider variety of interactions. Secondly, community health is improved by walking between many different kinds of activities. For those concerned with using less energy and reducing pollution, infiniteTransit makes both Urban Village amenities as well as metropolitan-scaled amenities available within a short walk of a Pauseway.


The industrial revolution began market segmentation of manufacturing, then expanded into separating the functions of where we live, like education, shopping, and into age-based segmentation of housing developments. Today’s social media tools have segmented life itself, with savvy algorithms monetizing each individual. Simultaneously interdisciplinary work and mixed-communities offer new opportunities for increased understandings and meaningful life. 


Agglomeration of business types happens because of the mutual benefit of co-location, even between competitors. By coordinating the center of activity and simultaneously offering the flexibility to host any occupant use, people, organizations, and businesses navigate their needs for access to transportation. Each Place in the network will naturally emerge with a certain distinctive collection of business and cultural activities. Across metropolitan Houston, more business and cultural activities accessible to everyone, support a richer, more integrated lifestyle.

More importantly, people increase their interactions, which increases the opportunity to accomplish more, more of whatever they choose. 

Four ways infiniteTransit creates social Places:

  1. Urban Villages 

  2. Friendly Ecology

  3. Amenity Accessibility

  4. Local Equity

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