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Ecology is social, naturally.

Friendly Ecology our way of making Places more enjoyable. It is the effort to increase environmental quality through two simultaneous pathways: reducing air, light, and noise pollution caused by transportation; and secondly,  creating desirable living landscapes that nurture our human nature. A thriving ecology supports relationships between people, other living beings, and the Places where we live. 


The infiniteTransit Flyway provides a transportation solution that reduces air, light, and noise pollution. Combined with well-designed Pauseways and Accessible Amenities, people living in the Houston region will benefit from an enriched social experience, leading to greater economic productivity. 


New technologies are generating unfathomable amounts of new data and multiple branches of science are on the cusp of radically new understandings of the universe, within which, the earth is only one bit. For cities, this means a new conception of cities as just another part of the natural world, where urban ecology interacts with things and people.


A friendly ecology is provided through reduced energy usage, and reduced operating pollution generated when compared to existing systems. This reduction is profound when compared with automobiles over a 50-150 year the infiniteTransit Flyway lifespan. Additionally, the uncovering of at grade construction, allows natural processes of animal activities and water filtration to occur without interruption. The Flyway’s above-grade construction facilitates many forms of natural and social life to thrive. Reducing pollution and producing beautiful and civilized social interactions are some of the best ways to accommodate unknown, new, and meaningful lifestyles. 

Four ways infiniteTransit creates social Places:

  1. Urban Villages 

  2. Friendly Ecology

  3. Amenity Accessibility

  4. Local Equity

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