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Local Equity builds ecosystems to exchange with the world.

Within each Place, Local Equity is an investment with the goals of creating local business ecosystems that contribute to local, regional, and global economies. Similar to Public-Private Partnerships, a publicly accessible governance facility is built at the top of the tallest project in each Place and retains equity in that property.


The purpose of Local Equity is to develop complementary commercial ecosystems in the network, such that each place finds and enhances their entrepreneurial as well as lifestyle distinctiveness. Combined, it is in the interest of Houston’s Flyway that all Places are successful activity centers. Such support can come from the distribution of institutions and recreational opportunities.


In the past, local governance support to local businesses was limited in strategy, with a hands-off policy. More recently, local governance has been limited to offering tax-breaks to uniformly large-scale corporations serving separate and isolated socio-economic groups. Houston’s infiniteTransit Flyway offers a network of well functioning and well-governed Places networked together to provide collective economic benefits to the region.


By creating local business ecosystems that contribute to the global economy, each place also creates its distinctive character. Further, Local Equity spurs innovation in a diverse range of businesses.

Four ways infiniteTransit creates social Places:

  1. Urban Villages 

  2. Friendly Ecology

  3. Amenity Accessibility

  4. Local Equity

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