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Subways and highways are so twentieth century. 


is a flyway for the future.


Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway is a transportation system operating at a speed of 130 mph (200kh) and maintaining approximately ten miles (16km) between Places. It connects these Places, at any time of day, to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in less than 30 minutes. More importantly, it provides civilized Travel Services for all people to Places around Houston. 

Beyond city-scaled subway systems and interstate highway systems, Houston's infiniteTransit connects amenity-saturated urban activity centers within minutes. Combined with innovative building strategies that foster village-like amenities for families, these hyperconnected places become desirable places for living in the 21st century.


Animate works to make your organization more delightfully productive. We use advanced research to inform our intentions, and we use common architectural tools in innovative ways thoughout the process.



in less than 5 minutes.


For Houston's dynamic economy, infiniteTransit will contribute mixed-community centers of dense walkable places, where families and businesses thrive.

There are five (5) components of Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway:

  1. Flyway is an above-ground right-of-way guaranteeing unobstructed service

  2. Rides include four kinds of experiences available to all people

  3. Operations include an innovative funding method, low-fares, and quality services

  4. Places are distinct communities providing access to Travel Services

  5. Pauseways are the access points where people and goods get around Houston



Houston's Flyway is a well-designed, extra long-span, right-of-way, providing frequent Travel Services. Its clean design, compared with existing highways, tollways, and expressways, will significantly reduce roadside grime, noise, and light pollution. Far above grade, the Flyway reduces impacts on the built and natural ecological environments. What's more, for people traveling, the Flyway provides unparalleled views of Houston and it's communities. It will become the best way to introduce visitors to Houston's features.

in italy.jpg

Modern transportation can be beautifully quiet, with minimal disturbances below them, unlike nineteenth-century cast-iron elevated steam train lines. And unlike subway lines, the Flyway is far above grade, affording views and understanding of the metropolis for all riders.



Ride Styles


People travel for many reasons and under many conditions. Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway provides every person with a choice between four (4) Ride Styles when traveling. When your friends are going to the Astro's game, you might choose the Playing Ride. When your son's group travels to the Zoo they might take the Learning Ride. Taking your mother out for a nice dinner might be on the Living Ride, and just getting to work is best taking the Working Ride.

In addition, large packages are shipped through infiniteTransit's coordination with private and public sector shipping companies, making moving goods a snap.

oak park.pln6.jpg



Work, and


Ride Styles

 Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Pauseway Plaza


Every Ride includes four styles, or atmospheres, for different people's needs. Traveling with similarly motivated people makes travel more enjoyable for everyone.

Play Rides: from the hey Kid... storyboard

Image of a Playing Ride from "hey Kid..." a movie about people living, and kids growing up, in 21st-century metropolises.


Image of a Learning Ride from "hey Kid..."


Image of a Living Ride from "hey Kid..."


Image of a Working Ride from "hey Kid..."


Operations include both the physical timetables and signals, as well as the administrative and financial processes that provide 21st-century Travel Services in Houston.

a.) Travel Services

At smoothly uninterrupted speeds of 130mph Places are connected within minutes. Rides are available at roughly 5-minute intervals. Because Houston's infiniteTransit also distributes goods at all hours, it is possible to maintain frequent service for people whenever they need it.

Pauseways bring the Rides gently down into urban spaces rather than underground bunkers, or complicated elevator and escalator routing. Travel Services are staffed by Concierges whose role in collecting feedback, contributes to the creation of innovative services, as lifestyles and culture evolve.

b.) Innovative and Sustainable Financial Processes

Public transportation has been economically unsustainable for far too long, where higher fares returned worse service. Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway is a common-transportation system Owned collectively and managed by a Consortium. The organizational structure aligns incentives to increase the quality of services in a positive feedback loop. The historical record shows that access to quality transportation 

increases the adjacent land value to society.

Houston's infiniteTransit Consortium increases revenue by increasing land value in a Place, through better quality of service. Revenue increases are open-ended since, within a one (1) mile radius of a Pauseway (access point to the Rides), density is allowed to increase according to quality building practices. Continuously allowing denser environments, provides more amenities to travelers, generating more revenue.

oak park.pln2.jpg

Pauseway Plaza


 Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Houston's infiniteTransit Consortium is dedicated (and financially incentivized) to deliver quality services to all travelers.





Pauseways are the stations and technologies where people and goods access the Rides.

a.) the Pauseway Plaza for people

Each Pauseway, a station or access point to board and disembark the infiniteTransit Ride, is situated at an emerging activity center within a larger Place. The Plazas are designed to foster interactions between people and organizations. Such activities generate culture and mutually supportive local business ecosystems. The Pauseway Plaza is a large, open, "self-organization" space​, and is mandated to include certain entrepreneurial features, and human-scaled accoutrements.

b.) Pauseway technologies for goods distribution

The Pauseway design requirements also include space and technologies for the loading, unloading, and movement of goods. These facilities may be located under the Pauseway Plaza as in this design concept, or above ground. 

oak park.pln3.jpg

Pauseway Plaza


 Entrepreneurial Opportunites

Goods Distribution

Pauseway Plazas are large open spaces with essential features like: easy access to Travel Services, support for goods distribution, public enjoyment amenities, and entrepreneurial development of local business ecosystems. 




Places are the communities surrounding the Pauseways. Constantly evolving they provide amenities for living. Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway connects these essential Places into a thriving network:

a.) Houston's core

Strengthening Houston's core supports Houston's visible identity. By including a few Pauseways close together, amenities in the core zone become hyper-accessible.

b.) the Airport

The airport is essential to connect all of Houston to the wider world. The ability to check baggage on infiniteTransit makes the Rides more enjoyable for everyone.

c.) the Institutions

Connecting large institutions, such as Universities and Health Care, to all Places across the metropolis increases access for everyone.

d.) the Cities

Places for infiniteTransit Pauseways include surrounding cities, strengthing and stabilizing their local economies. This brings lively, idiosyncratic, small-scaled activities, into accessible range of Houston's core.


View of the new bridge from below (Courtesy Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

What's great about new technology is the ability to build beautiful tracks above ground that do not interfere with activities below. The replacement Morandi Bridge at the Polcevera Viaduct "will literally be a shining beacon, as it’s expected to reflect sunlight during the day and use stored solar energy to power its lights at night." And what's more, the Flyway does not need lighting and is notably narrower than this highway bridge, reducing the impact at night to urban neighborhoods below and around the infiniteTransit circuits.


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