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Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway

There are many urban mobility and transportation solutions, like subways and highways, to accommodate Houston's growth. infiniteTransit Flyway proposes a solution that gets people around metropolitan Houston at incomparable swiftness, uses sustainable funding to operate, and creates social places where entrepreneurs thrive and people prosper.

Infrastructure is essential for the future of a place, and yet the fear of failure has incapacitated institutional effectiveness. Some large-scale infrastructure projects in recent US history have experienced cost-overruns, corruption, or lack of projected value. These and other challenges are inhibiting the US from building the bold infrastructure necessary for a civilized future.

Houston has a history of bringing people to the moon, it can build entirely new transportation infrastructure to meet the demands of 21st-century lifestyles. Following is a way to flexibly and dynamically build a transportation system that not only gets people around, but assists in the evolution towards more sustainable, and community-friendly places for organizations and people to prosper.

Today's extravagant architecture hardly affects the day-to-day lives of most city residents. Real meaning in civic life deteriorates as the gap between rich and poor increases, social media inflames cultural differences, and operating procedures are unable to provide services that uplift and inspire. Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway uses great design to facilitate social life to be not merely functional, but beautiful. Recalling Walter Benjamin’s words about the Garnier opera palace in Paris:

“the true focus of the opera is not the performance hall but the

wide oval staircase on which high society ladies display their

fashion and gentlemen meet for a casual smoke.”

This social life was the true focus of opera life, “what it was really about.”


Houston's infiniteTransit Flyway uses design for what life is really about.

Well-designed Travel Services will:

• get people and things swiftly around a metropolis, 

• build stronger local interactions, 

• use sustainable funding, 

• provide more entrepreneurial opportunities, and 

• strengthen the civic pride of place. 

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